Testing and End of Year Schedule

May 25    8th Science EOG (am)
                  6th NCFE Science (pm)
                  7th NCFE Science (pm)
May 28     NO SCHOOL
May 29    6th NCFE Social Studies (am)
                  7th NCFE Social Studies (am)
                  8th NCFE Social Studies (pm)
May 30   7th Reading EOG (am)
                 8th Reading EOG (am)
May 31    6th EOG Math (am)
                  7th EOG MAth (am)
June 1     6th EOG Reading (am)
                  8th EOG Math  (am)
                  8th EOC Math 1 (am)
                  7th CTE (pm)
June 4     Testing Make-ups
                   6th CTE
                   8th CTE
                   7th  Field Day 8:45
June 5     Testing Make-ups
                  6th Field Day 8:45
June 6     Testing Make-ups
                  8th Field Day 8:45
June 7     Testing Make-ups
                  8th Grade Awards 8:30
June 8     Testing Make-ups
                 7th Grade Awards 8:30
                 6th Grade Awards 10:00
                 Talent Show 1:30