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For information on Tyro Middle School Volleyball, click on the link below:

A message from the athletic director: 

  • To be eligible to participate in athletics at TMS you must pass all of your classes, less one each semester.  If you fail 2 or more you can no longer be a part of tryouts for the year. 
  • A student cannot miss more than 8 days per semester.
  • A student must be a resident of the Tyro Middle School district.
  • All student must have an up-to-date physical on the approved NCHSAA physical form.  This must be on file with the AD and is mandatory for all school sponsored athletic team practices, open gyms, try-outs and games.

Click here for a copy of the physical from.

If you have further questions please contact Joe Howard:


2018-2018 Basketball Schedule
Games Start at 4:00

Jan. 28 Ledford @ Tyro (Girls play second.)

Jan. 31 South @ Tyro


2018-2019 Volleyball Schedule                                                   2018-2019 Baseball Schedule
Games Start at 4:00                                                                           Games Start at 4:00

February 23 @ Oak Grove (Scrimmage)                                      February 27 vs. Ledford

March 5 vs. Ledford                                                                             March 11 Open

March 19 @ Brown                                                                              March 18 vs. North

March 26 vs. North                                                                               March 25 @ South

April 2 @ South                                                                                    April 1 @ Oak Grove

April 9 @ Oak Grove                                                                            April 10 vs. Thomasville

April 16 vs. Thomasville                                                                       April 15 @ Lexington

April 30 @ Lexington                                                                            May 1 vs. Central

May 7 vs. Central