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Supply Lists


The supply list for the  2021-2022 school year will continue to be updated.
Check back later if a grade level or class is not currently listed. Thank you!

School Supply List for 2021-2022
(Scroll down for all grade levels and/or classes.) 

 6th Grade Supply List 

LANGUAGE ARTS: Baity/ Leonard
2 Composition Books (marbled)
Plastic Prong Folders (must be yellow, green, purple and red)
Earbuds or headphones
We would greatly appreciate any extra donations of these items. 
index cards (Fine)
Math notebook 3 ring binder (Hillyard)

7th Grade Supply List
Printable copy is at bottom of page.

Homerooms (Community):



Hand Sanitizer 

Paper Towels

Ream of Paper

Disinfecting Wipes


All Classes: 

Binder (to hold papers for every class)

Expo Markers

Pencils (LOTS)


1 One subject spiral notebook (dedicated to math)

1 One subject spiral notebook (dedicated to ELA)

1 Five subject spiral notebook (dedicated to science)

Colored pencils


Glue sticks


**This is a generic list and some supplies may be added. 

Official lists from each teacher will be given on schedule pick up night.** 


8th Grade Supply List
Printable copy is at bottom of page. 

To help ensure everyone’s health and safety, students will not be able to share classroom supplies and therefore will each need the following items.

  • Earbuds or headphones
  • Mini stapler &/or personal tape dispenser (used to attach things to your notebook)
  • Notebook paper (loose leaf)
  • Glue sticks
  • Highlighter
  • Colored pencils
  • Personal pencil sharpener 
  • Pencils, pencils, pencils! (If using mechanical pencils, please purchase extra lead)


5 subject spiral bound notebook (plastic cover works best)

Index Cards

Social Studies (additional supplies may be added depending on the teacher)

Notebook paper

2 pocket folder

Language Arts

5 subject spiral bound notebook (plastic cover works best) 


Mrs. Prince

(2)100 sheet, spiral notebooks (college ruled) or (1) 3 subject spiral 

TI-84+ Calculator

2 pocket folder

Mr. Troy
(2) Quad-ruled notebooks (graph paper)

(2) regular notebooks or (1) 5-subject notebook

TI-84+ Calculator


Optional Supplies:


Pencil pouch

Post-it Notes
Colored pens


Donate to our classrooms (optional, but much appreciated):

Extra pencils

Paper towels


Clorox wipes 

Hand sanitizer

Index Cards