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Mrs. Snider's 7th Grade Math

I am a 7th Grade Math teacher at Tyro this year and I am looking forward to teaching your child.  I graduated from Catawba College with a degree in Middle School Education and Math. I taught 8th Grade Math at Ledford Middle for 5 years and moved to Tyro 4 years ago teaching 7th grade.   
If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me (336) 853-7795 or [email protected].  
7:55 - 8:00 Homeroom
8:01 - 8:45 Dragon Time
8:46 - 9:50 1st Period
9:51 - 10:55 2nd Period
10:56 - 12:30 3rd Period w/ lunch
12:30 - 1:36 4th Period 
1:37 - 3:05 Planning 
It is my expectation that every student come to class with their interactive notebook and a pencil/pen.  Students should create their interactive notebook with me. The notebooks will be graded as a quiz or test grade.  Students also will have a bellringer at the beginning of each day and will turn in their bellringer sheet on Friday's for a weekly grade.  I do not tolerate students who are being a distraction.  If students are prohibiting others from learning they will be sent with an assignment to another room.  
Grading Policy 
100 - 90 A
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C 
60 - 69 D
< 60  E