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Sonja L Hayes

Hello…I am Sonja Hayes. I am very proud and passionate about teaching the students at Tyro Middle School. I teach Technology Engineering and Design Education – TED Ed. My educational background is the following: A Rangeland Ecosystem Science M.S. degree from Colorado State University located in Fort Collins, CO; and both a Biology B.A. and Women’s Studies B.A. from Guilford College located in Greensboro, NC.
What is Technology Engineering and Design Education (TED Ed)? Through TED Ed, students are provided a foundation of a broad range of technology and engineering skills used in everyday life as well as the awareness of technology and engineering around them. An important key attribute about TED Ed for students is the convergence of technology and engineering knowledge by project-based lessons and transferring that knowledge to common problems. Students completing the program will become technologically literate by learning key concepts about engineering, design, invention, and innovation as well as the roles they play in creating technological systems to help make life easier and better. Students learn that technology must be evaluated to determine the positive and negative effects and how these have shaped today’s global society.