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Health Education

Student will learn healthful living habits through our planned sequential K-12 curriculum that is part of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. 
8th graders will be required to complete the CPR course. Attached is the link that explains the legislation:
If a student does not complete or pass the course then they will be required to retake it before graduating high school. Attached is a list of requirements that each student must complete: 
Family Life
  • As required by law age-appropriate instruction will be based on House Bill 88. This includes instruction on sexual abstinence until marriage, STD's, the human reproductive system, and mode of preventing pregnancy (8th grade only).
  • Family Life Curriculum Standards
  • Student will take the family life curriculum during the 3rd nine weeks. Boys and girls will be separated during class. 
  • Click the link for a copy of the Family Life Permission Slip.
  • Parents have the right to review the complete family life curricula including all supplemental materials used in any family life education program.