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Intramural Information

Intramural Objective

General Information:

The main purpose of Intramurals is to provide activities to our students to cooperate in more than compete in.  Students will participate in a variety of activities, which include individual sports as well as team sports.  The goal is to provide a variety of activities to promote a high level of success among our students and not to focus too much on a high level of athletic competition.

Connections Teacher's Role:

  • model an attitude of enthusiasm and involvement
  • encourage students to be on time, dressed properly, and participate
  • assist in supervising activities
  • go over the rules for each activity that your group will be participating in
  • to assist in the scoring of your Intramural group
  • assign one student from your group to return equipment

The Student's Role:

  • dress properly (tennis shoes only/ no jewelry/no gum)
  • participate and be enthusiastic
  • know the rules for the activity that you will be participating in
  • cooperate with team members
  • show good sportsmanship
  • be on time
  • wait on instructions before playing with the equipment