Enrollment Procedure


To attend Tyro Middle School, you and your student must live in the geographical boundaries of the West Davidson area.

Proof of custody and residency is required at enrollment. 
The school district does not accept any out-of-district students, even on a tuition basis.

The checklist below will guide you as you prepare to enroll your student at Tyro Middle School. We encourage you to stop by the school at 2946 Michael Rd, Lexington NC in order to pick up a packet of information you will need for your registration appointment.  You MUST have this information completed (in addition to any required documents) when you come in for your appointment. If your information is not completed or you do not have the documents you need, you will be rescheduled. If you are unable to come by and pick up an application packet, you may complete an application at home and report to your appointment approximately 20 minutes early so that you can complete the remaining enrollment items prior to your appointment.

Please call 336-853-7795 and set up a registration appointment with your student's counselor to register for the 2017-2018 school year! Registration appointments are required during the summer months and are limited to a few days each month. Because we schedule multiple families on a few select days, we are must stay on schedule (both as a courtesy to those who report on time and so that we can complete the enrollments of everyone scheduled on a given day). IF YOU ARE MORE THAN 15 MINUTES LATE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT OR IF YOU REPORT TO YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHOUT THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS AND COMPLETED PAPERWORK, YOU WILL BE RESCHEDULED. Thank you for your understanding.


1.  Call 336-853-7795 between 8:00am and 2pm and set up a registration appointment. If you or your student is involved       with Truancy Court, it is important to let us know this information so that we can assist you in complying with any court orders. You will need a completed application in addition to the information below. 

2.  Only a Parent or Legal Guardian may enroll. The Parent/ Guardian should provide:

    A. Two (2) Approved Proofs of Residency (with the parent or legal guardian's name
        in the address information). Examples include:

         *   House Phone Bill (Landline only. No Cell Phone Bills)

         *   Electric Bill

         *   Cable Bill

         *   Gas Bill

         *   Water Bill

         *   Postal Change Verification Certified by the Post Office

         *   Tax Listing

 *    Vehicle Registration

         *   Rent or Lease Agreement

         * Please note that credit card bills, magazine solicitations, & cell phone statements are not acceptable proofs of                       residency. If you do not have two proofs from the above list, you will be rescheduled.

   B. Parent/Guardian and Student Documentation:

         *   Birth Certificate (You must present a birth certificate. If you need this
              document from another school, it is your responsibility to call and have 
              them fax it to us. Our fax number is 336-853-7357 or you may travel to
              your student's former school and request a copy in person).

         *   Custody papers signed by a judge (if separated, divorced, or if the adult registering the student  is not the adult                      named on the birth certificate. Foster students or students in kinship care must provide a letter from DSS, which will               be verified).
               IMPORTANT: Notarized forms or letters are not recognized as custody.

         *   The Parent/Guardian must provide a picture ID.

   C.  Contact Information (Phone and Fax) for your student's previous school.

If you are enrolling your student from a HOME SCHOOL, you will need to call the school at 336-853-7795 to inquire about what documentation is necessary at enrollment. If your student has NEVER been enrolled in a North Carolina Public School, please notify us of this fact when you make your appointment to register.


  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access form. The form may be completed electronically and then printed. 

TAB Key - Use to begin typing and to advance fields
ENTER Key - Use to select appropriate boxes

Other helpful (but not required) items to bring: Having these with you will help us place your student in the appropriate classes quickly, however they are not required to enroll.

  • Immunization record for student (if you don't have a copy, you must contact the former school to be sure they can provide it upon request from Tyro Middle School)
  • A copy of any special program paperwork where applicable. Programs may include:

     AIG - original placement scores, aptitude and achievement
     IEP(Special Education) - most recent plan 
     504 Plan - photocopy 

  • Copy of most recent report card
  • Standardized test scores (North Carolina EOG)

  Please call the school if you have any questions or need more information. ​