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Information / Reminders for Parents

Helpful Information Regarding Procedures


*Please put student's first and last name, the date and a parent signature on any notes being turned. If it is an absence note, please include the date of missed days.


*No student is allowed to stay after school unless he/she has a note or permission slip signed by a parent.


*Your student must have a note for any transportation change. The note should be sent to school in the morning with your child. We do NOT accept transportation changes by phone or email.


*Notes for transportation changes and staying after school must be brought on the day of the change- not days in advance.


*Do not send in an absence note in advance. You may call the office to request make up work if your child will be out more than two days. Teachers need at least 24hrs. for gathering missed work.


*Once a student returns to school, it is his/her responsibility to gather all missed assignments.


*When your student returns from an absence they have 3 school days to bring a note to possibly have the absence excused. These notes should be brought to the office by the student during homeroom.


*No dismissal or transportation changes after 2:40.


*No transportation changes by phone.


*Persons picking up your child must be on the contact sheet. If the person is not on the contact sheet, they will NOT be allowed to pick up your student.  In order to add someone to contacts, it must be done in writing by a parent or guardian.


*Anyone, including parents must bring a photo ID when signing out a student early. We do not release students to anyone without a photo ID.


*Your student is not allowed to ride the bus home with another student, even if it is the same bus.


*You cannot park and pick up your child.  You must come through the car rider line.


*Numbered spaces in the lot are for staff. NO one is allowed to park on the bus lot.


*Fee money and PE uniform money comes to the office, not the homeroom teacher.


*Transportation notes also come to the office and should be placed in the "student note box" outside of the office.


*For the safety of our students all doors are locked. Please use the front entrance at the office to enter and exit the building. Ring the bell and be prepared to give the reason you need to enter the building. Once you have signed your student out in the front office you may wait in the lobby for them to exit. PLEASE do not go beyond the black line out into the school without signing in at the office first.

*You can access a copy of the school calendar on our web page or the DCS web page at